Questions you should ask before taking Botox Injections

13 Apr, 2017

Anti-ageing therapies apparently make for a thrilling proposition but even botox and fillers come with their fare share of vagaries. There ought to be questions. There ought to be an effort from your end to unfold mysteries and vague conceptions surrounding botox – of course, if you’re interested in undergoing this particular process at the first place. This post is meant for those who are looking forward to explore the results of botox and fillers. The dermatologist in Indirapuram you’re consulting – is of course, the best person to get answers from. So, here’s a look at the questions that you must answer. Read on.

Questions to ask before resorting to Botox and fillers

The cosmetic industry is irrevocably associated with a shadowy part, which excites and frustrates at the same time. Those who have no plans of undergoing a cosmetic surgery think it is the infallible passport to physical beauty and those who are mulling the same are jittery about the things “they still don’t know”. So, here’s what we’re going to do – get replies to questions that most of us would like to be answered. Make sure the following questions are an integral part of your consultation with the dermatologist in Indirapuram.

How long will the results last?

People often take it for granted that the results of botox and fillers will last for good. However, the right answer is that the longevity of the result depends on the dose and patient’s metabolism. A conventional dosage ensures that the result will last 4 weeks. Shades of your previous appearance start appearing at the beginning of the 8th week. At the start of the 12th week the around 50% of your normal appearance is back. If you want to maintain a consistent (read the new youthful) appearance then you should see the dermatologist in Indirapuram after every 3-4 months for injections.

Does the clinic have before and after photos?

This will help you gauge the real results of botox. And, as they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Reliable and prudent specialists ensure that the before and after photos are taken during consultation so as to offer patients a chance to estimate the real worth of botox at the first place. It’s important for you as the patient to study the pictures closely.

How can you avoid looking frozen?

This should ideally be the concern of every patient out there. Let us tell you that it’s the responsibility of the injector to select the right dosage and placement of the product. There is no room for overdose. This is the primary reason why there are so many models and actors who start looking frozen. It is up to your injector to ensure that your cheeks are moving naturally.

The right approach would be to reach out to a credentialed dermatologist in order to be duly guided in this regard. Look up the internet to be further informed in this regard. Please ensure that you are actually educating yourself duly about botox- for best results.


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