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20 Jun, 2018

Flawless skin is something that we all yearn for! Skin problems and diseases are not only painful; they have massive psychological impacts too. Skin diseases can affect us in unimaginable ways – physically, mentally and sometimes even emotionally. Our physical appearance has a huge effect on our self-esteem, believe it or not! Having a radiant and perfect skin will make you look more eye-catching, which will automatically enhance your confidence. You may consider any individual to be blessed if he or she has a normal, healthy skin; but now, you too can have a flawless, radiant skin. It might sound unbelievable, but it is actually possible to treat any skin problem with the latest advanced medical technologies. And for that, you will just have to visit a dermatologist in Indirapuram. Besides providing appropriate treatments for several skin problems, the dermatologist can also guide you regarding proper diet and share some simple healthy lifestyle guidelines, which will help you to regain your glowing, attractive skin and boost up your lost confidence. Along with the facial skin, your body skin as well as your nails and hair are also part of your skin as a whole.

Following are some of the innovative treatments done by a good dermatologist in Indirapuram:


Mesotherapy is a therapeutic specialty aimed to shape up the body to endorse weight loss, reduce cellulites, wherein the dermatologist magically treats fine lines and sagging skin. In this procedure, a combination of vitamins, medicines, homeopathic agents and natural extracts are injected into the skin. Unlike liposuction, Mesotherapy directly reduces cellulites; thus, flushing out fat depositions from the body.


Since our skin is exposed to various harmful elements, therefore it gets damaged gradually. The damage may be caused either by natural elements like the UV rays and aging or by skin problems like acne or chicken pox which leave scars. Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical and non-chemical procedure that removes the external dry layer of dead cells from our skin by spraying microcrystals. This can radiantly improve your skin and leave it rejuvenated.

Low Light Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Hair Therapy makes use of a sequence of laser diodes to send energy from the laser beams to the scalp tissues. This laser energy is cool in nature and it provokes the circulation; due to which, the protein synthesis and cellular metabolism are improved. This eventually promotes new hair growth and also strengthens the present hair structure giving it a thicker appearance.

Q Switch for Unwanted Blemish Removal

The Q-Switch Laser Therapy utilizes highly powerful laser energy to eradicate any kind of unwanted skin pigmentation like tattoo marks, Melasma, Becker's nevus, age spots and ephelides. This high powered laser beams penetrate into the skin and break up tiny particles of the skin, which results in naturally smooth skin.

Dermatologist in IndirapuramIt is incredible to believe that most of our skin problems can be avoided by changing and improving our lifestyle and following a good skin care regime. The eminent dermatologist in Indirapuram also offers counselling and guidance on how to achieve beautiful skin. Fundamentally, it is essential to follow appropriate skin care methods in order to attain satisfaction and boost self-esteem. Follow the advice of a professional dermatologist and make healthy choices of food, which will have positive impacts on your skin, nails and hair. To know in details regarding various skin problems and available treatments, visit


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