Carbon peels

Carbon Peel (Laser)

July 14, 2016

Carbon peel at Twachaa skin clinic is a breakthrough, anti-aging facial rejuvenation treatment with proven benefits for:

  • Large Pores
  • Acne
  • Oily Skin
  • Skin Discoloration (tone/complexion)
  • Pigmentation
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Scars

How does carbon laser peel work?

Proper cleaning followed by application of a special carbon lotion on the nose, chin, cheeks and forehead, which penetrates the pores.

The laser passes over the skin, gently heating the carbon, turning it and the dead skin cells into a fine fumes which is released from the skin.

Basically, the thermal heat reaction of the laser and the carbon exfoliates the skin, reduces the size of the pores as it goes, and stimulates the connective tissue.

The skin will then be cleansed, moisturized and a sun screen will be applied.

You will leave the clinic with glowing skin.

What are the noticeable improvements that you can see when you use Carbon Laser Peel?

You will notice that your pores are reduced greatly. This amazing and innovative skin treatment works evenly – even on hard to reach areas such as your nose.

  • Carbon Laser Peel helps reduce acne scars
  • Your skin will feel reinvigorated and renewed
  • You will notice that your skin is glowing and radiant
  • Your skin color, tone and texture will be even – unlike before you did the treatment
  • It also greatly reduces wrinkles after a series of 6 treatments

If you want to improve your skin and become a lot more beautiful than before , opt for a carbon laser peel!

Does carbon laser peel hurt?

No, the treatment is non invasive and gentle, most people describe the sensation as a light tingling feeling. The treatment takes approximately 45 mins from start to finish.

How many carbon laser peel treatments will I need?

A visible difference should be noticed with one individual treatment, but a course of six treatments with a 7-10 day break in between each treatment is advised for maximum results. As the Carbon Laser Peel gives an instant improvement to skin tone and texture, some people like to have a single session to have porcelain skin before a big event or night out.


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