Myths about Botox and Fillers

20 Feb, 2017

Botox and fillers unlike all the myths that revolve around it in reality are nothing but work of art to diminish skin ageing issues. They are safe, non-surgical cosmetic solutions that are among the most popular skin clarifying procedures agreed upon by people ubiquitously. This post here busts the most blatant myths about botox. Go through this one before undergoing a surgery. Do talk to a qualified Skin Doctor in Indirapuram for further information as well.

Myth #1: You should wait until your lines appear to get Botox

No! As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Pre-emptive Botox can ease the process. Nowadays people are signing up for it even sooner than lines start appearing as once the lines have formed more exigent gets the job to get them crafted. Getting ahead of your time may prove beneficial for you as you may need fewer sittings.

Myth #2: Stopping Botox may worsen your skin condition than before

In reality, skin crafting and fillers are not harmful and when you stop getting it your skin will feel like it used to feel and the comforting effect is lost--- resulting in wrinkles and lines. Skin ageing is a normal phenomenon and Botox, if used, can prevent it but it is not a permanent solution. So, if you discontinue getting it your skin will grow old as expected.

Myth #3: You don’t have to think about being too young to start getting Botox

Although age factor is the least taken into consideration for this cosmetic rejuvenation, botox is not meant for teenagers. It is best not to go by hear say and consult a Skin Doctor in Indirapuram who can advise you from years of practise and experience.

Myth #4: Botox only eradicates wrinkles

Little did we know that botox can be used to treat migraines! Little did we know that it’s more than just a luxury treatment! It can cut back muscle tension thereby comforting your muscle system. Excessive sweating can be controlled by this procedure (by blocking the sweat glands). Depression in today’s generation is an alarming concern; patients may get benefitted from this technique which is, of course, not just a cosmetic term any longer.

Myth #5: Botox is feminine in nature

Let us tell you that for Botox is actually a very “unisex”. You can well understand that the belief of it being a woman- only treatment is so yesteryear. These services can jolly well be accessed by male entrepreneurs willing to look rejuvenated in meetings. Lucky are those who have the perfect flawless skin. The change for better can bring in umpteen confidence and the feel good factor can do wonders as far as your work is concerned.

Adequate knowledge and reference supplemented by views from your doctor are the fundamental deciding factors. Science and technology is never ghastly if one knows the accurate use. Botox and fillers are skin treatments to resolve ageing issues and is far from harming your skin in anyway. Have a heart full of desires to look perfect book your appointment with a Skin Doctor in Indirapuram right away.


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