September 01, 2023

Medi facials are the booming trend in the world of beauty and have seen acceptance from people across all ages as many are now gradually switching to these tech-based skincare treatments by ditching their regular salon facial. Medi-facials need no downtime, work on deeper skin layers and are end-to-end tailored and supervised by dermatologists for maximum safety value. These facials give a long-lasting effect and are performed under the guidance of skilled professionals.

While the salon facial majorly targets instant skin lightening with aggressive bleaching, physical scrubbing and chemical-laden products which can sometimes do more harm than good. One should gradually understand their skin type and should consult an expert before taking any treatment as at times this might blowback also.

Power Glow: This facial helps in controlling acne, skin sensitivity, blackheads, dull skin and minor discolouration. The procedure involves the application of a solution with a mild chemical peel for skin resurfacing and enhancing skin cell turnover. It is like a complete treatment for instant brightness with a hint of glamour for the skin.

Roboderma: This is one of the latest technologies equipped facial where the skin is treated with the help of futuristic technologies. This facial helps in lifting and tightening the skin along with smoothening expression lines, crow's feet and wrinkles, diminishing pigmentation, minimising the pore size. This process also softens the skin by enhanced absorption of skin-boosting agents like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C & E.

Photofacial: Photofacial is one of the booming facial in the beauty world with many making the shift from parlour to medi facial. This easy to adapt facial is fit for all age groups and skin types and is a rage, especially amongst the youth. This one-hour facial is done with the use of laser beams that penetrates deeper into the skin and boost collagen production, reducing the effects of sun damage, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, age lines, etc.

Outbreak Extinguisher: This facial is instant relief for people having oily and acne-prone skin. This treatment purifies and provides relief to aggravated skin. The treatment prevents outbreaks by regulating sebum secretion, helping to keep skin matt, smooth and shine-free.

People with the big day coming up--like engagement, wedding and other occasions frequently enquire about the following facials and often go for it.

It is a myth that these treatments are expensive and meant for celebrities. These treatments are inexpensive and provide long-lasting efforts. One needs proper guidance and counselling before proceeding with the treatment, said Dr Megha Modi Director, Twachaa Skin & Laser Clinic.