July 14, 2016

Photo facial, using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, is a skin brightening and tightening laser facial in which a special bandwidth of light focuses on melanin, collagen, and haemoglobin. The light generates a special type of heat that helps to decrease melanin; thereby, lightening pigmentation and also stimulates collagen resulting in tightening and rejuvenating ageing skin. Another benefit achieved by this light is in shrinking dilated capillaries in the skin thereby reducing redness and improving conditions such as Rosacea. Complete treatment involves at least 3-4 sessions and this can be combined with other treatments in between the sessions to give maximum results.

For how long does it take for laser Photofacial treatments to work?

Most people require 3-5 months, which contains a series of 3-5 treatments about 1 month apart. You should see some enhancement with each therapy. The more sun damage or redness you have, the more probable it is to need a full 5 treatment sessions.

Do IPL Photofacial treatments hurt?

There may be moderate discomfort throughout the treatment, but many individuals tolerate removal of dilated blood vessels or age spots/freckles as well as fine lines quite easily.

How long does each visit normally take?

Treatment typically take 30-90 minutes, depending on the size of the therapy area.

What results can I expect from Photofacial or Photorejuvenation treatment?

After your initial treatment you can anticipate to see some redness, darkening of brown spots, and in some cases light swelling. These symptoms will go away in several hours to one week. Makeup could be promptly used, if wanted. After the treatment, your skin will feel smoother as well as have a more even tone. A gradual decrease in overall redness, flushing, age spots, as well as removal of fine lines and wrinkles will certainly be much more visible after each treatment.

Will the IPL Photofacial treatment make me more sensitive to the sunlight?

No, it will not. You could have the treatment done at any time of the year. You can apply sun block as advised which will also minimize redness, brownish spots, creases etc.

Does the Photofacial have any type of side effects?

The primary adverse effects are mild, temporary swelling, inflammation, redness, slight darkening of brown spots, crusting, as well as an occasional bruise or tiny surface blister (like a sunburn blister).