Dermatologists And Skin Specialists Based In vasundhara Treating Pimples The Simple Way!

30 May, 2017

Pimples are a total mess and Dermatologists and Skin Specialists in vasundhara totally know that! Pimples are those devils that snatch our happiness away and make us less pretty and less happier. And they have sufficiently given us nightmares in our teen years but they still don't stop haunting us, due to the whole oily environment full of irritating pollutants! Pimples are common in every household and due to our diet and sleep patterns and hormonal disturbances too, they are becoming more bothersome every day, killing our confidence, our photos, and our prospects with our crushes. And even if you do decide to punch them out, the unsightly scars they will leave out will surely haunt you for a lifetime. The whole point being, this is a lose situation man!

Dermatologists and Skin Specialists in vasundhara for treating Pimples...

Everyone based in vasundhara is so fortunate to have a network of dermatologists and skin specialists to help deal with the widespread problem of pimples. And as for our adolescent counterparts, they already have a tough time dealing with the changes teenage brings in their life and body, and these pimples further make it worse, and you can't go out, can't attend that party and your selfie game just sucks. Try every damn cream and face wash in the market and it never ever works!

What's worse, the frustration on seeing these pimples makes us puncture them out, so now you don't have the pimple, but the haunting memory of it stays and ruins your face forever with those icky ugly brown spots looking like someone stubbed a cigarette on your face! Yes, it's that bad, and these scars need to be treated. Good news? This is actually possible!

Various techniques for removing Pimple scars:

These new techniques used by dermatologists and skin specialists in vasundhara to treat the pimple problems will surely make your day! With Dermabrasion, a simple abrasive force will wipe out the upper layers of the skin to reveal clearer, more flawless skin, totally free from scars and ugly spots.

If you don't want your skin to be scraped, you can choose peeling, which does the same thing as above, but uses chemicals for the process instead.

If your pimple removal game was too brutal, you might need a skin punch graft to address bigger and more serious scars.

Steroid injections have also reduced the scar spots significantly so you can try this out as well.

If you're too scared of all these procedures, and have minor scars that don't require much investment, you will be prescribed retinoid and slicone containing skin creams that will take care of it. Also, filler injections will replace the scars with hyaluronidase which will totally make these scars disappear like you never had them in the first place!

So just hop in to your nearby skin clinic, and get an appointment for all these procedures that will surely change your life!


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