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What is Cellulitis?

Cellulitis is inflammation of the skin and related subcutaneous tissue caused by the bacteria called streptococcus and staphylococcus. The bacteria enter the cracked area of the skim resulting in swel... Read More

Acne treatment in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad

Acne is an ailment which is caused by the blocking of skin pores connecting the oil glands clogged by dirt due to pollution and exposure to the Sun. Acne is one of the most common skin disorders mostl... Read More

Skin cancer Treatment In Vasundhara, Ghaziabad

Skin cancer is the growth of cancer cell in the skin which is not controlled by bodily mechanism. This abnormal growth of cancer cells has a propensity to spread to other organs and tissues.... Read More

Challenges faced by dermatilogists in vasundhara

Dermatologist in Vasundhara are well qualified and trained to deal with any of the skin problems effecting the patients. They specialise in diagnosis and prevention of any type of skin condition of sk... Read More

Eczema Treatment In Vasundhara, Ghaziabad

Eczema is a skin ailment causing inflamed patches on the skin. It effects babies and infants more than adults. It may occur on the face elbows, back of the knees of children and adults. ... Read More

Scabies Treatment In Vasundhara, Ghaziabad

Scabies is a skin infestation that is caused by sarcopticscabei which is a microscopic mite that infects the skins and spreads rapidly too many parts of the body.... Read More

Skin problems are common today

Skin problems are common today. These effect the people of all ages ranging from a child to elderly people. Teens and youth are equally affected by it. So, there is no age group that are immune from ... Read More

Post Cosmetic Surgery Care: What you need to know

You would be committing a huge mistake if you’re thinking that a facelift or cosmetic surgery can actually make the quality of your skin better. ... Read More