Important Learnings about Laser Hair Removal Performed by Renowned Dermatologists in Vasundhara

03 Sep, 2018

However, the procedure can be used to remove hair from any body part except the region near the eyes.

The procedure is done using a concentrated beam of light to remove the unwanted hairs. Laser hair removal does not stop the hair growth permanently. It just delays the hair growth. However for a one time laser hair removal, it might require multiple sittings. The hair removal principle works on the principle of absorption of the light by hairs, resulting in the damage of hair follicles. The best result of hair removalis obtained when there is difference between the colours of skin and hair.

While choosing a dermatologist or a hair clinic for undergoing hair removal laser surgery, it is important that the person chooses a good dermatologist. Doing a hair removal surgery from Vasundhara is recommended as the dermatologists in Vasundhara have a good infrastructure as well as they are highly skilled for this procedure.

Before undergoing a laser hair removal surgery, a doctor may advise the person for certain precautions which include -

Patient Review

Initially a dermatologist would see the medical history of the person to check if the person is undergoing any medications. You should also discuss with the doctor if the patient has any skin allergy or treatment done. Apart from this, both the doctor and patient are advised to sit down and discuss the goals and expectations that can be achieved from the treatment.


  • Exposure to sunlight: A doctor may ask to avoid exposure to direct sun light for a time period of 6 weeks before procedure and also use a good sunscreen daily.
  • Lightening skin colour: A doctor may advice not to use any cream that darkens the skin colour. He might also ask to use a bleach to remove any tanning or darkening of the skin.
  • Avoid any other hair removal technique:Your doctor may also ask to avoid any other methods of hair removal like waxing, plucking, etc. at least before a month of hair removal.
  • Avoid any blood thinning medications: A doctor may also advice to stop blood thinning medications for a while, as it is important to discuss the medical history with doctor.
  • Shaving of the area: Doctor will also ask to shave the area a day before the surgery as this would help in easy exposure without damaging the follicles.

During the Procedure

The treatment includes a laser instrument which is protected by a cooling gel. As soon as the laser machine is switched on, it will release a laser which will destroy the hair follicles and the cooling gel will prevent the surrounding skin from getting damaged.

After the procedure, a doctor may use a steroid cream in case of an allergic reaction, also applying an ice pack might help in soothing the area.

In most cases, hair removal will last for months/years depending on the hair growth of the person.

Dermatologists in Vasundhara have performed number of laser hair removal procedures and are a good choice for relying upon for the laser hair removal procedure.


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