Laser hair removal procedure In Vaishali

11 Jun, 2018

What is it?

Unwanted facial and body hair are often removed by means such as shaving, waxing, plucking, tweezing or waxing. However, it can lead to the formation of razor bumps or pimple breakouts in the area that has undergone hair removal. This can be unsightly and can affect your self-confidence. Choosing a good dermatologist in Vaishali can help you treat this condition and remove unwanted hair.

During the procedure of laser hair removal, your dermatologist in Vaishali will pass a intense laser beam through your skin to individual hair follicles in the area which needs hair removal. This laser beam emits damages the hair follicles and the roots of the hair thus preventing any future hair growth.

Which areas can be treated?

Lasers can be used for hair removal on most parts of your body. Most patients require hair removal from the face especially the chin an upper lip, back, bikini area, hands, legs, shoulders, armpits and chest. It is important to choose a well known and reputed dermatologist in Vaishali to get yourself treated with this procedure.

How painful is the procedure?

Laser hair removal is far less painful and more comfortable than waxing or any other means of hair removal. However, if you have a sensitive skin and if you feel any pain, numbing creams or local anesthetic creams can be applied to the area before exposing them to laser.

Does hair and skin color matter while undergoing laser hair removal?

Laser works best on individuals with darker skin tone because the melanin that is present in the hair attracts the laser. Hence white or grey hair may not be affected much by laser. The type of laser and amount of exposure can be best decided by your dermatologist in Vaishali who will make this decision based on the type of hair and hair color that you have.

How many sittings will I need?

The number of sessions or sittings that you will need depends on the hair color, hair type hair density and area which is undergoing hair removal. Each individual is different and you may need eight to ten sittings to get the results that you desire.

Are any special precautions required before and after the procedure?

You must not undergo hair removal using waxing, tweezing or any other method for at least six weeks before the laser hair removal procedure. Sun exposure should also be minimized as far as possible for a couple of weeks before and after surgery in order to help the area heal. Discuss any medications or supplements that you may be taking so that your dermatologist in Vaishali can advise you whether these will have any impact on your hair removal procedure. Accordingly you will be advised to discontinue them.

Choose a good dermatologist

It is important to take treatment from a good and reputed dermatologist who has vast knowledge and multiple years of experience in this area. Discuss your requirements with your dermatologist and decide on the type of treatment you want. Safety and effectiveness of the procedure are of key importance in such cosmetic procedures.


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