Understanding what you can do for acne

20 May, 2019


What you need to know when dealing with acne:

Acne for most of us is an unfortunate aspect of our lives, unless you are one of those very fortunate people who have had the privilege of getting through their years without being bothered with the problem of acne. But it is very difficult to find someone who has never had the need to deal with a pimple in their life, and like most of us, it is an ongoing problem for the majority, and we are still trying to figure out the most effective way in which we can deal with it. Although the occasional pimple or zit as most people like to call it is not a major issue, and can easily be covered using some well applied make up, when you have severe outbreaks of acne on your skin, especially the cystic type, it may be very difficult to deal with.

It is during these difficult times that you need expert advice on how to you can deal with such a problem. This is the reason you have to get help from a skin specialist in Indirapuram, when you want only the best advice and treatment plan which will give you the results you desire. Although those days even doctors had little that they could do in the way of giving your permanent relief from acne, with the advancement of science and technology, the treatment regime for acne has come a long way and most people are now able to clear up their skin permanently, including the scars which they thought will never disappear.

The latest techniques for dealing with acne:

A skin specialist in Indirapuram will know all about the latest techniques which areavailable for the treatment for acne, and will be able to decide which treatment will suite you best. You have the latest laser and phototherapy based technologies which have proven to be very effective in the management of acne.

Photo therapy first uses blue light and red light to kill the bacteria which lingers within the pores, because it is this bacteria which lead to the development of acne and the outbreaks which people experience. Next the red light is used on your skin again to reduce the inflammatory process that underlies the acne, which in turn helps to prevent permanent scarring, and also even out the skin tone.

The FAST or Focal Acne Scar Treatment is another popular therapy amongst skin specialists, which makes use of fractional laser light to create pores or tiny holes in your skin. The development of these pores then helps to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, which help your skin to become smoother and also develop and even skin tone. As the name suggests this is a faster method of treating skin which has been plagues by acne.

You also now have the photodynamic therapy which is being used in the treatment of acne. This uses a topical application which is applied on your skin, and then a light which is shone on the application activates substances in it, which then helps to destroy the acne causing bacteria present on your skin.

All of these latest forms of therapy have been proven to be effective for most skin types and if you want quick relief from your acne related problems you should discuss it with your dermatologist.


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