Tips For Skin Care In Winter

12 Dec, 2020


Winter is on the verge of arrival. The temperature is dipping, which is not healthy for the skin. The air during winter is dry that takes away skin moisture. It results in dry and chapped skin. Various measures may help to obtain healthy skin in winter.

What Are The Various Methods To Ensure Skincare In Winter?

Various measures will prevent dry and cracked skin. Although you should care for your skin throughout the year, the winter season requires more aggressive skincare. It is because winter results in dry and lifeless skin. Some of the tips for skin care in winter are:

Remain hydrated: As the air in the winter is dryer, the water from your body evaporates more rapidly. It results in drying of the skin. Thus, you must drink enough water. Water also helps in detoxification and helps in improving skin health.

Use a humidifier: Buy a humidifier. It will help in managing the humidity and prevent your skin from drying. The humidifier replenishes the moisture in the room’s atmosphere so that your skin does not get dry. Apart from this, the humidifier also helps in snoring and allergic problems.

Use skin care products meant for sensitive skin: Skincare products contain harsh chemicals that may damage your skin, especially during winter. You can use skincare products that are exclusive to sensitive skin. These products do not contain harsh chemicals to prevent any allergic reactions.

Use moisturizers: One of the most effective methods to prevent and manage dry skin is nourishing the skin. Use a high-quality moisturizer just after taking a bath. You can moisturize your skin twice a day to keep your skin healthy.

Wear loose clothes: Many clothes that you wear during winter may irritate your skin. It will cause itching and worsens dry skin. Wear loose and skin-friendly cloth directly on the skin. You can then put heavier or woolen clothes.

Avoid bathing in hot water for a long time:Naturally, you love bathing in hot water when there is cold outside. However, bathing in hot water, especially for a long time, may harm your skin. The hot water takes away all the moisture from your skin.

Use sunscreen: Keep in mind that sunscreens are not meant only for summers. They have their importance even in winters. Sunscreen shields the harmful UV radiations that may cause damage to your skin.

Change wet clothes: Ensure that you should not wear wet clothes for a long period during winter. If your gloves, pants, or socks become wet, change them as soon as possible. Wearing wet clothes may cause itching and irritation.

Take a healthy diet: Incorporate healthy food into your diet. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Ensure that your diet contains foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Take salad and juices in your diet to remain healthy and hydrated.

Get protective accessories: The strong winds along with the dry weather are enough to damage the skin. Get protective accessories such as gloves, scarf, and socks to prevent the wind from touching the skin directly.

Avoid excess skin exfoliation: Skin exfoliation is essential in the winter season as it has a lot of advantages. It helps in removing the dry and dead cells and help in exposing the new cells. However, avoid excess exfoliation as it can damage the skin.

Exercise: Exercise also helps in keeping the skin healthy. In winter, there is a constriction of oil and sweat glands. Thus, the secretion of the gland may not provide nutrition to the skin. Exercise will help in improving blood circulation and helps in keeping the skin healthy.

Take routine care of your skin: Always plan your skincare routine. Cleanse your skin one to two times a day. Apply moisturizer all over the body after bathing and on the face every time you wash your face.


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