The trend of skin peel treatment

01 Jun, 2019

What is a chemical skin peel treatment?

It is a type of skin treatment which involves the application of a chemical on yours kin, which causes it to it to blister. This blistering then helps to peel off the topmost layers of the skin, exposing the layers which lie underneath. This then help to generate new skin, which will be smoother and with less blemishes than your previous skin. This is the reason why a chemical skin peel procedure is also known as a skin resurfacing procedure. Because it help new and healthy skin to surface from underneath by helping to remove the blemished skin which lies on top.

This type of treatment is used to improve the appearance of the skin by removing all the dead and damaged cells which lie right on top. It is most commonly used on the skin to treat a variety of skin conditions like wrinkling of the skin, pigmentation on the skin as well as scars. This procedure can be done all on its own or it can also be done in combination with other procedures.

A chemical skin peel can be done to affect various depths of our skin, it includes light peels, medium peels and deep peels. Depending on the skin condition you want to treat and the types of results which you desire, you doctor who is performing the chemical skin peel treatment in Vaishali will advise on which depth you should choose. The different types of skin peel treatment makes use of different chemicals because they have to penetrate to different depths. Although the deeper you go, the more dramatic and pleasing the results will be, you will require longer recovery times for medium and deep skin peel treatments.

The different types of treatment in detail:

When you arrive for you chemical skin peel treatment in Vaishali, the doctor will explain to you detail what the three different types means and what they are used for.

  • Light chemical skin peel – involves removal of the cells form the outermost layer of the skin called the epidermis. This is use for a variety of skin conditions including uneven skin tone, acne, dry skin and fine wrinkling of the skin. The recovery from this procedure is very quick requiring only a few days and you can repeat the treatment as often as one every two weeks depending on the results you desire.
  • Medium chemical skin peel – involves removal of the cells from the epidermis as well as the upper half of the layer which lies underneath it called the dermis. Since the depth is greater, it is used to treat problems which are more severe such as deep pigmented scars or extensive acne, and even highly uneven skin and deep wrinkles. It takes about a few weeks for your skin to repair and heal completely following the procedure, and you can repeat this procedure in only three to nine months if you want to maintain the results.
  • Deep chemical skin peel – this involves the removal of cells from the epidermis as well as most of the dermis. This is used to treat conditions like precancerous growths, very deep wrinkles and scars. This procedure can only be performed once.

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