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02 Jun, 2020

When you look beautiful and flawless, half of your work gets done easily and you are preferred everywhere. But since this is believed to be something God-gifted, so many of you think that you have no hands on it! ‘No!’ This myth is no longer true in today’s world of medical science. With the advancement in medical science, the science of cosmetology has also improved and skin problems have vanished with such treatments. A skin specialist is actually a medical practitioner who can enhance a person’s looks and elevate the personality by cleansing and treating an ailing skin. An experienced skin specialist will first tend to discuss and find out the real disorder present, discussing on the possibility of any hereditary diseases, and then prescribes solutions in terms of medicines or cosmetic treatments. A good skin doctor in Indirapuram is also well-experienced and expert enough to deal with such issues and gives necessary prescriptions for treatments that can resolve age-long skin problems with zero side-effects.

There are different skin disorders; at the same time, high-tech treatments for them are available nowadays for you to look gorgeous and stunning by defeating your age.

good skin doctor in IndirapuramChemical Peel

The very common treatment for improving the appearance of your skin is Chemical Peeling. This is mostly done in the areas of hands, neck and face. In this process, the skin specialist will apply a chemical solution to your face, and eventually peel it off, giving a smoother and wrinkle-free look to you. They are of three types of Chemical Peel; 1) Superficial or lunchtime peel, 2) medium peel and 3) deep peel.

Carbon Peel

Oily, dull or acne prone skin with enlarged pores and blackheads is generally prescribed for carbon peel treatments. A revolutionary laser treatment, Carbon Peel is absolutely painless with very less downtime. In this treatment, a layer of liquid carbon is applied on your skin and laser light is passed through the skin, destroying the carbon, taking dead skin and oil out with it.


The most ‘in trend’ treatment these days for rectifying pigmented skin, for evening out skin tone, removing the scarring of skin, wrinkles & fine lines, dull skin and many more such issues is the Mesoglow treatment by skin doctor in Indirapuram. In this treatment procedure, the skin’s natural wound-healing capacity is increased and Mesotherapy is done to your skin to give it the required lift, vibrancy and naturally delayed aging. In this treatment, a combination of Hyaluronic acid and Glycerol is used for increasing the hydration of the skin.


Skin Doctor in IndirapuramSkin problems like scars of acne & chicken pox, stretch marks, skin loosening, hair loss and other pigmentation problems are nowadays effortlessly treated through cosmetic treatments by the most experienced skin doctor in Indirapuram. This special treatment procedure is known as Dermaroller therapy, in which, the collagen is stimulated to reduce the appearance of scars and pimples.

Yes, skin is a very sensitive part of your body; at the same time, you are always very hesitant to start any treatment with your skin thinking about the side-effects that might degrade your skin more. A very reliable name in the world of skin treatments is where you get 100% counselling before you start your treatment and these are side-effects-free treatments that you get from here. So, close your eyes and open to see the magic happening to your skin!


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