Platelet rich plasma therapy for hair growth

09 Feb, 2019

The problem faced by many:

Hair fall and hair loss is a problem which plagues many of us world over. We can blame it on the weather, the poor quality of the water or just the variety of hair care products that we keep using, that tend to ruin the health of our scalp and hair. Because of this most of us are desperate to try out any solution, which will make it look like you have a greater volume of hair on your head, because you just can’t stand to look at the ever reducing thickness of your hair or the luster of it.

But if you have a looking for an effective solution for your hair loss, the dermatologist in Vasundhara has a solution which will give you results you will be more than happy with. An emerging treatment procedure known as platelet rich plasma therapy is becoming increasingly popular as an effective solution for hair loss, because it has proven to help regrow the hair in areas of your scalp which have been damaged.

What is platelet rich plasma therapy?

This is a process which involves drawing out a small volume of your own blood and centrifuging it, so that the different cell types present in your blood clump together and settle at different levels. The platelets from you blood are then drawn out separating it from the rest. This component of your blood is very rich is growth factors and promotes hair growth to a great extent, and is also useful in the process of healing and regenerating the damaged areas of your scalp. This platelet rich plasma that is derived is then either injected into your scalp in those areas where you suffer from hair loss, or rubbed onto the surface of your scalp after you have undergone a demaroller treatment.

The amount of injections you will require will depend on a variety of factors, including your age, level of hormones, the amount and pattern of hair loss you are suffering form as well as other genetic factors. But typically this procedure involves an initial stage of monthly injections for about 3-4 months, after which your dermatologist in Vasundhara will change it injections given once in 3-4 months for about 2 years, in order to achieve the best results.

What can I expect from platelet rich plasma therapy?

You will begin to notice visible results after about 3-4 months following the procedure, and as time goes by this change will become a significant one. If you are eager to see results much faster you can also combine this therapy with hair transplant, where the platelet rich plasma can be injected either before, during or after the hair transplant. Along with helping your existing hair to grow more healthily, it will also aid the transplanted hair in the same manner. which is an added advantage for you.

This form of hair fall solution is thought to be equally effective in men and women. For people who are undergoing this procedure by injection of the platelet rich plasma, they may experience significant amounts of pain, although this depends of the perception of the patient as well. Therefore it can be done with the use of topical anesthetic agents, which are applied to your scalp one hour prior to beginning the procedure, so that it reduces the sensation of pain.


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