Photofacial and Light Source Rejuvenation Therapy Provided By Dermatologists And Skin Doctor Clinic in Indirapuram

30 May, 2017

From age spots to wrinkles, to dark areas in the skin, Photofacial and light source rejuvenation therapy treats it all and Dermatologists And Skin Doctor Clinic in Indirapuram are providing many avenues for this procedure as Indirapuram has a high percentage of people affected by uneven complexion, age spots, brown spots, wrinkles, etc. due to stressful lifestyles and high levels of pollution and sun rays. What the photo device does is use laser radiations of certain wave lengths on the pigments of your skin like hemoglobin and melanin and reduces their size or erases them completely or divides them into smaller pieces so they are no longer visible and are absorbed by the body. It also increases the amount of collagen fibres by supplying heat to the fibroblasts that secrete collagen fibres, hence giving you firmer, younger skin. This treatment is becoming a rage among women and youngsters who love the non-invasive and convenient aspect of this procedure. This treatment takes 4 to 6 months to be fully effective and you need one sitting every month. The more the damage, more the sittings required. Every sitting will give you a different experience. Let's be honest, this treatment is a little troublesome as you might feel a tingling sensation but you will get used to it, and this much of trouble is worth it if you want flawless skin. In any case, your appointments won't be more than an hour and a half long.

The Procedure followed by Dermatologists And Skin Doctor Clinic in Indirapuram

The treatment will have you wear special eye gear to protect your eyes from the laser rays. You will have a cool ointment applied on your face after which the hand piece for the Photofacial therapy is run through your face. A little tingling sensation will be felt, but it won't be very uncomfortable. After this, the cool gel is removed, and a sunscreen is applied. You may be given a cold compress to arrest the swelling if any, and don't freak out, swelling is mild and a normal feature in this treatment. And you can apply your base makeup as soon as your sitting is done. There may be redness and a little bruising which will take around 2 weeks to get back to normal, this is a part of the healing process. The freckles and dark spots will get darker after which they will form a crust and slough off, revealing clearer, lighter skin. And in 3 months, you will see the healing process is complete and your skin has never been better.

What to do after you're done?

You need to take care of your skin, stay hydrated and always protect the skin from the sun. Never leave the house without applying sunscreen and getting hats or scarves otherwise your spots will start to reappear and your skin will get duller again.

What to do before the Photofacial therapy?

For at least a month, stay away from sun and tanning lotions. Don't use tetracyclines and NSAID drugs so the bruising doesn't occur. You should always use sunscreen.


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