Oral Lichen Planus: Its Why and How Explained

13 Apr, 2017


That lichen planus can lead to severe itching is of common knowledge. Though these non-infectious patches can affect any part of your body including arms and legs – it’s oral lichen planus which turns out to be a source of concern for most of us. Just the feeling of living with those patches inside your mouth can actually go on to psyche you out. Oral lichen planus should ideally be addressed by a reputable dermatologist in Vasundhara. In no way should one experiencing the same leave it untreated. Today, however, we will be discussing oral lichen planus- what they actually are, their symptoms and much more. Read on in order to be duly guided.

To start off with, let us tell you that lichen planus is in no way contagious. It does not spread from the carrier to the others around. Oral lichen planus cannot really be passed from one person to the other. However, it should be noted that women are likely to experience it more often then what men are likely to do.

Causes of oral lichen planus

Ask a qualified dermatologist in Vasundhara and he will tell you that the medical world has not yet been able to zero in on an exact reason behind oral lichen planus. The disorder is closely associated with a person’s immune system. There are a few medicines and dental products that just may result in LP. There are others who might tell you that there is nothing which really can be significantly identified as a cause behind lichen planus.

The leading symptoms of oral lichen planus have been documented below:

  • Burning sensation in your mouth
  • Dryness
  • White patches on tongue (tine dots forming a lace-like pattern)

When it turns out to be more difficult for the sufferer

The burning sensation intensifies when you are consuming something spicy or salty. Crispy savouries can turn out to be painful as well. Now, you might as well be wondering – “how exactly does a dermatologist in Vasundhara diagnose oral LP?” Let us tell you that he does it by procuring a tiny piece of skin from your mouth and then testing the same. He will run “biopsy” tests in the lab to comprehend what exactly the problem is. He may recommend blood tests to be absolutely sure about the fact that you’re suffering from lichen planus and nothing else.

What the treatment is all about

While treating this condition your dermatologist may or may not advise you to stay away from certain foods. As we have already mentioned, spicy and salty stuff can make matters worse for you. So, it is only expected that your dermatologist will ask you to steer clear of these foods. Taking in something too cold might as well turn out to be troublesome as well.

Make sure you’re getting in touch with a qualified dermatologist after studying credentials of the several specialists at one go. Make sure you’re considering the reviews earned by them before getting one of them on board.


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