Myths about Laser Hair Removal Discussed: What should you Know?

28 Feb, 2018

There are so many of us out there who would actually love to resort to laser hair removal quite simply as it rids us of the necessity to undergo the painful waxing process for a long time to come. Today, you might as well be willing to reach out to a dermatologist in Vaishali just in order to find out about the possibilities. However, you are scared at the end of the day. It may be that you are not even interested to find out about the possibilities because you have assumed that laser hair removal is not safe  probably because your friends are saying so!

Myth #1: Laser Hair Removal is Not Safe

However  who exactly has told your friends that laser hair removal is not safe?You have never tried to confirm rumors from your end as well. There are so many misconceptions that have actually given laser hair removal a bad rap. Documented below are a few myths associated with laser hair removal.

To start off with, let us tell you that it is safe. Much contrary to what many may like you to believe, laser hair removal is safe. Your friends might as well have told you that the procedure has not been proven safe yet. However, do let us clarify that they are actually wrong. However, do know for a fact that the relevant authorities have actually gone on to approve laser hair removal as a completely safe process. One of the most renowned authorities commanding global acknowledgement to have done this is FDA. The credentialed clinics use FDA-accredited laser hair removal equipment. However, problems arise only when you are unwittingly getting in touch with clinics that use cheaper versions that are not really approved by the said authority.

So, when you are presently in search of a dermatologist in Vaishali, do make sure that you are actually checking credentials without fail.

Myth #2: It works on every kind of hair

Laser hair removal removes every kind of hair! No it does not. Today, if you are actually in consultation with a qualified dermatologist in Vaishali you will actually come to know that laser energy is actually attracted to the melanin of our hair. The more melanin your hair has, the better the result of laser hair removal will be. Grey or white hair  in fact  contains no melanin and this is perhaps the reason why it does not really respond to the entire procedure.

Myth #3: Black People will not Benefit from this Process

Black people will not really benefit by resorting to laser hair removal. It's once again, a misconception  quite simply because of the fact that there is actually no skin tone on which laser hair removal DOES NOT WORK! There are different machines and settings employed for different types of skin tones. So, all the black people out there  there is no way that you should arbitrarily believe that laser hair removal is not for you. Proper education regarding the same will actually tell you that it's quite the opposite.


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