Myths about Fungal Infections: What a dermatologist in Vaishali will tell you about them

30 Mar, 2018

Fungal infections are fairly common skin conditions and may vary widely in nature. Some of the most common types of fungal infections are ringworms, an athlete's foot or a jock itch. Now, the commonality of the skin conditions doesn't really mean that there are actually no misconceptions about the same. Contact a credentialed dermatologist in Vaishali in order to find out what these misconceptions are all about. Before getting in touch with the specialist, however, you can go through our discourse right here!

So, here are a few myths about fungal infections documented only for you! Read on!

Myth #1: Athlete's Foot: It happens only to athletes!

Not really! It is common among athletes but that does not really mean that it is unique to them. This particular condition has got this name quite simply because of the fact that it primarily thrives on wet and warm environments --- for example, in socks and shoes. Those who spend a lot of time in locker rooms or are taking part in athletic competitions (wearing those shoes and socks) are likely to be afflicted.

Myth #2: You cannot get fungal infections from sweaty feet

Yes you definitely can! For the uninitiated do let us tell you that you can actually go on to catch this kind of infection from sweaty feet. That's simply because of the fact that chances of fungal infections are typically bolstered by moist and warm spaces. If your feet are prone to sweating then you have higher chances of developing fungal infections. In order to avoid this particular problem, you should ideally go on to change your socks every now and then! Don't keep on wearing the same socks for a long time thereby inviting risks!

Myth #3: Ringworm is caused by worms

The dermatologist in Vaishali that you're currently in touch with will tell you otherwise. No! Ringworm is definitely not caused by worms! On the contrary, it is engendered by fungus. One should also be aware of the fact that this particular skin condition being contagious spreads from one individual to the other. So, any one who has got this type of fungal infection should ideally ask the dermatologists about ways to prevent the spread of the same.

Myth #4: There's a lot to be ashamed of, if you have got fungal infections!

Once again --- a resounding NO! You do not have anything to be ashamed of! There are reports that actually reveal that almost every adult out there is prone to developing athlete's foot! So, you are definitely not alone out there! Communal showers, locker rooms and public pools are the most common places from where you might as well end up attracting fungal infections. So, you know that you're not alone!

The right information about fungal infections will actually tell you that they are not a source of embarrassment. They should not be. Instead of hiding yourself from the world, reach out to a reliable dermatologist quite simply because these infections are treatable! Absolutely treatable!


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