Microdermabrasion: Misconceptions Galore

13 Apr, 2017


Microdermabrasion can very simply be described as a non-invasive skin treatment which works by exfoliating the skin. The exfoliation process is designed to work on different levels including removing acne spots, improving skin’s texture and brightening your complexion. There are not one or two but several misconceptions regarding this skin treatment and the sooner you get rid of them the better. It stands true for those looking forward to having a microdermabrasion treatment soon! Please make sure you are reading on to explore the myths about microdermabrasion. Due consultation with a qualified dermatologist in Vaishali will turn out to be of help as well.

Microdermabrasion is dangerous

If you have decided to undergo this treatment under a credentialed dermatologist in Vaishali and have told friends about it as well you must have come across opinions that necessarily suggest that microdermabrasion can cause you relative harm. The truth however is quite different. It’s actually a non-invasive surgery which does not entail the use of needles or knives. What more? There are no harmful chemicals involved as well. So, there is actually no reason for you to believe that microdermabrasion is harmful for the skin.

A credentialed dermatologist in Vaishali will definitely inform you about the risks thus involved. We for the moment can assure you that the treatment entails lower risk than what the invasive procedures do.

A session is lengthy and painful

These treatments are not necessarily long and painful. The belief that it is – is a definite fallacy which also leads many to harbor another fallacy – i.e. the procedure is essentially dangerous. It is not so. This is in no way scary. This doesn’t really take long to finish as well. It will only take around 30 minutes to get over with this.

At-home dermabrasion kit works just fine

You are essentially feeding on an erroneous belief if you are actually believing that at-home dermabrasion kits will work just as well as a session at the clinic of a dependable dermatologist in Vaishali. You are probably thinking that you are not required spending money on professional services and thus would rather bring a microdermabrasion kit home. The truth is-- the at-home kits can in no way match up to the results delivered by the professionals. Make sure you are conducting a thorough survey of the background or credentials of the dermatologists offering services in Vaishali and taking the right steps – i.e. settling for a treatment at a clinic. Do not really go on to settle for services arbitrarily. Find out what clients have to say about individual dermatologists – whose names you have shortlisted after initial research and then go on to find someone.

Read reviews and seek personal recommendations so that you’re in a position to make the right decision at the first place. If you are securing personal recommendation from a friend or acquaintance make sure you’re actually learning about her experience in detail.

Educate yourself on a constant basis so that you’re delightfully steering clear of misconceptions regarding microdermabrasion. Hope this post has been of help.


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