Have you considered these benefits of laser hair removal?

23 Nov, 2016


Quite contrary to popular belief, laser hair removal technique is not at all a painful method of getting rid of your hair. In fact, it is painless and is fast emerging as one of the most popular hair removal techniques in recent times. Let us also tell you that there several benefits of availing this treatment as well. We will definitely find out why exactly a Dermatologist in Vaishali will recommend laser hair removal but not without finding out what it actually entails. So, do read on in order to explore.

Why you should find out about laser hair removal

A laser generates a beam of light with very high concentration. The pigment in the hair follicles absorbs this light. The laser pulses for just a fraction of a second – which is again- enough for it to vaporize the pigment. Follicles are also disabled as a result and the entire process goes on to check hair growth. The laser is generally accompanied by a cooling tip (where temperature may even run at zero degree centigrade). The tip might result in a tingling feeling which is perfectly tolerable. However, if you think that you will not be able to tolerate this feeling, then the dermatologist in Vaishali will recommend topical anesthatic creams.

The number of sessions recommended by the dermatologist will actually vary in accordance with the severity of hair growth. Usually, around eight to ten sessions are advised. However, in cases of patchy growth or fine hair longer period may be advised.

As far as the benefits of laser hair removal are concerned, let us tell you that there are far too many to be listed. However, what most of haven’t really realized is that laser hair removal definitely paves the way for better skin. We all know that traditional hair removal methods like threading, waxing and shaving often result in irritation on skin that include rashes. Plus, there’s ingrowing hair to deal with.

More about the benefits

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself dealing with acne, folliculitis or spots if you find yourself dealing with razor burn, discoloration or acne for having those smooth hair-free legs, arms and under arms. Be rest assured that you will have to deal with no such vagary when you are actually resorting to laser hair removal technique performed by a credentialed Dermatologist in Vaishali

Another beneficial aspect of laser hair removal which is often undermined is its cost effectiveness. While most of us psyche out thinking laser hair removal will cost a fortune, what we often fail to realize is that it is almost a permanent solution when compared against measures like waxing, threading and razor that have to be repeated frequently.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you’re rushing to your nearest dermatologist in Vaishali and discussing the possible effects of laser hair removal with him or her. Make sure you are only banking on the credentials of a reputableskin specialist. A little bit of research from your end will be of help.


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