Hairloss: Its various causes, treatment options and more

15 Nov, 2016

Bald is beautiful. With the advent of time, baldness is embraced as gracefully by some as any other trendy haircut is. However, it should be noted that not everyone has the confidence to carry off the bald look with aplomb. Loss of hair as such assumes a source of embarrassment for them. Hair loss affects their quality of life, whereby they are unable to move around freely and appear in public view. Let us tell you that hair loss can be treated effectively by dermatologists.

Did you know all this about hairfall?

There are several reasons why one might start losing hair from scalp. Among those reasons, the one which emerges as a major trigger is stress. You can also experience temporary or permanent hair loss owing to the lack of proper nutrition, unrestricted ironing, crash dieting, straightening, coloring or curling. Stress is a constant companion of our (modern) cubicle bound lifestyle. Loss of hair, as such, is more common nowadays as well. Other common factors steering hair loss are environmental conditions, hereditary trends, seborrhea, scalp infections and dandruff.

Now, there definitely are ways to stop this progressive thinning of hair on your scalp. Instead of being overwhelmed by suggestions from friends, neighbors and family members, the best possible way to go would be to resort to professional help. So, if you have just started experiencing heavy loss of hair, your destination should ideally be the clinic of the best Dermatologist in Vaishali.

It is important for you to understand what exactly excessive and normal hairfall is. Experts opine that losing around 50 to 100 strands of hair is only normal. Only when you start losing more hair than that should you be worried.

The more you educate yourself about the nuances of hairfall, the beneficial it is for you. For instance, many of us are not aware of the fact that hair loss generally starts from the forehead. With the increase in the rate of hairloss your forehead starts assuming a larger shape.

When you are getting handful of hair from your scalp while combing or washing it, you should not be worried because it only means thinning of hair which has little chance of resulting in bald patches.

Treatment: The options available

When you are prudent enough to consult a qualified Dermatologist in Vaishali, you will actually come to know about the varying treatment options made available for sufferers of hair loss. We will offer you a glimpse here.

After a thorough diagnosis of the main cause of hairfall a Dermatologist in Vaishali will recommend any of these methods of treatment:

  • Conventional medicines
  • Lavatron RF therapy
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Stem Cells Therapy

Notably, PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma employs special techniques or machinery to withdraw blood and centrifuge it to obtain the platelets rich plasma containing upto 8 times more platelets than normal plasma. Lavatron therapy is designed to improve the health of your scalp. Stem cells therapy stimulates hair follicles and blood circulation to promote hair growth.


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