Common skin conditions encountered by the dermatologist in Vasundhara

28 Jan, 2019

As a dermatologist in Vasundhara, we come across a wide range of skin conditions which people want to get rid of. Amongst these, there are a few conditions which we encounter more often than not, because these are the conditions which commonly trouble people. And we believe that a little extra knowledge regarding these common conditions will help people understand it better and allow them to deal with it in a specific manner, instead of trying various methods which may or may not succeed. These common skin conditions include:


It is by far the commonest skin conditions that people world over complain about. This is a condition where the hair follicles present in your skin become clogged up with dead cells and oil, giving rise to various presentations such as pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. It is not necessary that this condition affects only the skin of the face, because hair follicles are present all over the body, but the oiliest areas of the body tend to be the skin of the face, chest and upper back, therefore it can commonly be seen in these areas. The dermatologist in Vasundhara offers you a variety of treatment options that can help you get rid of stubborn acne from your skin.

Although this condition may clear up with self-care and home remedies for some people, others may require specialist treatment in order to help them clear up their skin.

Pigmentation disorders:

Hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation are two problems which most people fear, because they either give you dark colored patches on your skin or light colored patches on your skin, both of which are very obvious and for most people very unsightly. Such conditions include melisma, post inflammatory pigmentation, freckles and lentigenes. Hyperpigmentation results from the deposition of excessive amounts of melanin on your skin, and as a dermatologist in Vasundhara we can help you get rid of these blemishes, using a wide variety of treatment options. Vitiligo is condition that brings about the development of hypo pigmented patches, and even though most people think it to be contagious and untreatable, it neither of those. With advances in dermatological treatments, even vitiligo can be managed by your dermatologist in Vasundhara.

Stretch marks:

This problem is also becoming increasingly common in the modern times, because more and more people are concerned with weight loss, and you see many people undergoing dramatic weight loss during a short span of time. Although stretch marks will be seen with both weight loss and weight gain, it is more obvious with weight loss. This can rapidly lead to wrinkling and sagging of skin. And if you are looking for ways and means of making your skin look younger, then head over to the dermatologist in Vasundhara for the right solutions.

Eczema/Urticaria/Skin Allergies:

Commonly affects children, and gives rise red, inflamed patches of skin which is itchy and begins to ooze when there is flare up. Eczema is a chronic condition whereas urticarial and allergies tend to be more short lives reactions. They can be difficult to live with, especially since they are itchy, but there are treatment options available in order to either reduce the level of discomfort or cure it altogether.


Is a chronic condition where you develop dry scaly patches dispersed across your skin. Again psoriasis can be very unsightly, the reason behind why people want a cure from it. Since it affects the skin of the scalp as well, it can lead to hair loss, which again psychologically affects the individual.

We have come to realize that even though these conditions are common, most people don’t know a lot about them. Hopefully this helps to give you a better idea of what you are dealing with.


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