Botox: Educating yourself about aftercare

13 Apr, 2017

This post is meant for those who are about to undergo botox some time soon. As much as you have heard that retaining your youthful skin is easy today just with the help of a few “shots”, let us tell you that botox does require you to consider a few factors. It can, in now way, be treated as an overnight decision- whereby you would decide botox one night and walk straight into the clinic of an acclaimed dermatologist in Indirapuram the next morning. It doesn’t happen that way. We, here, will offer you a breakdown of the things you should do before, after and during the surgery. Do read on in order to be duly guided in this regard.

What are your responsibilities before the surgery?

The dermatologist in Indirapuram you are currently consulting will guide you at each and every step but let us tell you that a bit of self-learning can turn out to be of due help as well. Right from selecting a credentialed doctor to discussing risks and scope of botox at the first place – you do have a lot up your sleeves.

The first thing that you should do is to look for a reputable dermatologist in Indirapuram. Let us tell you that good botox actually depends on the skills of the injector. Choose someone who knows what he or she is doing. It would be advisable on your end to select someone who specializes in facial anatomy and has the experience of conducting successful botox surgeries for years now!

Talk to your doctor to find out clearly about the medication (if any) prescribed to you. If you are already under some or the other kind of medication for some other problem make sure you are informing your doctor about the same. Do inform him about the allergies or illnesses (if any) you have.

Both you and your doctor should have a clear idea about the facial areas that need to be treated.

During the treatment

Now, once you’re ready to undergo the treatment and a date is already zeroed in on, make sure you are conducting research on steps that you should take during the process itself. You should necessarily refrain from applying anything on your face before botox because your skin will be rubbed with alcohol or antiseptic before you’re about to undergo botox. So, you need to keep your skin free from external agents.

Post surgery care

You should also be prudent enough to educate yourself about the post care measures. Do not indulge in strenuous physical activity. No consuming very large amounts of alcohol. You should not start taking medicines that make your blood thin as well.

Don’t get psyched out by a botox bruise. If you do end up getting one make sure you are actually you’re taking arnica and vitamin K for help.

The most important thing is to keep in mind is that there is no end to education in this regard and that you should not stop yourself from educating as well!


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