Botox And Filler Treatment Options For Everyone By Dermatologists Based In Vaishali

30 May, 2017

You've probably only heard of botox and fillers in relation to film and television celebrities and wondered to yourself, 'is there really a way to hide your age using a simple injection?' Well yes there is. And now the service has arrived in Indian cities, specifically Vaishali. Vaishali has become a haven for dermatologists and skin care professionals who give you dermatological treatments with assured and guaranteed results.

So a botox and filler treatment is no longer something 'only foreigners get access to'. But before that, why not get a basic idea about what exactly a botox treatment is?

What is Botox?

Botox, short for a botulinum toxin, is basically a bacterial toxin arising from clostridium botulinum which is the main cause of a disease called botulism. Scary isn't it? Not really. Extremely minute amounts of this material can really make you look better as they lead to stiffness of muscle fibres in the area. This is awesome for people with frown lines and wrinkles. So you not only stall the ageing process, you look prettier and your face looks more pronounced.

Botox has not only treated skin issues but also helps treat drooping eyelids, migraine headaches, urinary incontinence and many other health conditions.

Scope of Botox in Vaishali

Botox has suddenly gained a lot of popularity in Vaishali, with high end clients thronging to skin clinics to get this treatment done. A Botox effect will usually last 3 months, although it may have some side effects, you need to be very careful and inform the dermatologist of any previous health concerns and conditions so you don't have to face any risks.

What is Filler?

Coming to fillers, they are not the weakened botulinum toxin but the materials used are mainly the ingredients which are also found on your body. So this is a less riskier option and even sounds less scary. It also lasts more than a botox treatment and dermatologists in Vaishali are utilizing it for things like fuller lips, serving to add more volume to your cheeks, jawlines, and lips and also erasing out the wrinkles by injecting a substance which is compatible with your body and less harmful with lesser side effects. It also helps address the issue of sagging hands and breasts which have become so common today.

Filler treatments in Vaishali

Dermatologist clinics in Vaishali are mushrooming every day and offer great package deals for botox and filler treatments making it a rage amongst the people.

Everyone wants to get their wrinkles, crow feet and fine lines hidden using a botox and filler treatment as it will enhance your beauty and somehow stall the ageing process, something which concerns not just women but men too, as appearance has become so important today.

Moreover, the whole fantasy about huger, fuller lips, have not only gripped celebrities like Anushka Sharma but even the common audiences who want to look like the celebrities and enhance their beauty as much as possible.


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