Are you trying these food items to prevent hair loss?

13 Apr, 2017

If you are presently consulting a dermatologist for hair loss then let us tell you that besides mulling medicines, Platelet Rich Plasma and Lavatron RF Therapy, you should also educate yourself about some home remedies that may just shore up your efforts. By home remedies, we mean “food” here. Yes. Today, we will jot down a few food items that will turn out to be beneficial in your journey towards regaining your hair. Besides looking up the internet on a regular basis, make sure you’re also asking the Best dermatologist in Indirapuram for valuable food suggestions. So, here we go.


Touted as an efficacious topical treatment, honey can actually bolster the look of thinning hair. There was a study which focused on patients suffered itching, hair loss and scaling – i.e. seborrheic dermatitis in short. These people were asked to apply a solution of 90% honey and 10% water on their scalp. Those who did it reported an improvement in hair growth at the conclusion of the study.


Backed by various nutrients like vitamin C and iron, spinach remains a good bet when it comes to treating hair loss. There was a study which revealed that women suffering hair loss showed very low rate of iron and vitamin D2 in their bodies. It would be great if you’re actually introducing spinach to a mixed salad consisting of boiled eggs and mushrooms – both of which are high on vitamins.

Nuts and Seeds

Which Best dermatologist in Indirapuram are you consulting right now? Has he actually told you about the beneficial aspects of nuts and seeds when it comes to hair loss? It has been proved that supplements rich in Omega- 3 and Omega -6 fatty acids are actually beneficial for those, experiencing hair fall. They bolster hair growth, prevent hair loss and make your hair look thicker. Do consider taking them on a regular basis if you’re experiencing male or female pattern baldness.


The National Institutes of Health has said that oysters actually include more zinc per serving than any other food thus served. Zinc has actually been found to be a super nutrient preventing as well as treating hair loss. There was a study in which it was found that patients having alopecia showed significant signs of low zinc levels in their bodies when compared to 50 healthy controls. So, it wouldn’t really unwise on your end to introduce oysters in your diet.


Hair as we all know is a protein fiber which means that you need to have proteins in order to grow new strands. You need protein to keep the existing strands strong as well. Marine-based protein like salmon is a smart bet particularly owing to its efficacy when it comes to improving women’s hair. Give it to the vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids present in them.

Do consult your Best dermatologist in Indirapuram for further suggestions and do inform him about food allergies, if any. Do consider including the aforementioned foods in your diet after due consultations with your dermatologist.


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