The advancement of dermatology as a specialty

20 May, 2019

What is dermatology?

Dermatology is that field of medicine which deals with problems related to the skin. In the past dermatology was not a field which was given a lot of prominence, but in the modern day it has become by far one of the most competitive fields of medicine, because of the inclusion of cosmetology into it. This sis because the modern day society places a lot of importance on the need for perfecting their looks and remaining youthful. This has made dermatology one of the most sought after specialties in the field of medicine.

In the modern day the need for having flawless looking which looks healthy and glowing at all times, is one of the ways in which people believe they can portray the best version of themselves. This why even when they are faced with a minor skin issue, they believe that a skin specialist in Vaishali will be able to help them out, and give them the best advice and treatment plan in order to give them the desired results.

Modern day services offers by dermatologists:

When you visit a skin specialist in Vaishali, whatever skin problem that you might be having, they will give a number of treatment options to choose from. This is modern dermatology has advanced in more ways than with, along with science and technology to be able to provide people with the best of services. And it is because of this advancement that more and more people are extremely happy with the services provided, because it helps them achieve the results they desire in the shortest possible time.

Cosmetic dermatology involves some of the below mentioned treatments:

  • Chemical skin peel treatments - It is a type of skin treatment which involves the application of a chemical on your skin, which causes it to it to blister. This blistering then helps to peel off the topmost layers of the skin, exposing the layers which lie underneath. This then help to generate new skin, which will be smoother and with less blemishes than your previous skin.
  • Microderm abrasion – involves the use of fine crystals of inert substances like aluminum oxide or corundum and even diamond in recent times,which helps to polish away the surface layer of your skin. It then leaves the lower layers of your skin exposed, helping to promote regeneration of new skin, which will be smoother and with less blemishes. This form cosmetic therapy is as equally popular as chemical peels, because it is cost effective and has zero downtime.
  • Laser genesis – which involves the use of non-ablative, noninvasive laser beams which help to treat problems like scarring from acne and wrinkling. It makes use of high energy laser beams which help to open up pores and stimulate collagen production in your skin, so that the elasticity of your skin is restored and tone of your skin is evened out. It can be used for all skin types and is effective when you have about four to five sessions at monthly intervals.

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