Laser Hair Reduction Treatment: Get All Your Questions Answered By An Expert Dermatologist

18 May, 2023

Are you seeking skin-related laser treatments? Consider laser hair reduction if you're seeking a permanent option to get rid of your unnecessary body hair, achieve silky smooth legs, or simply say goodbye to your excessive facial hair.

By exposing the hair follicles to laser light pulses, unwanted hair can be removed with laser hair reduction. The laser's intense heat damages the hair follicles and prevents new hair from growing. It is mainly performed in clinics by professionals.

Between both men and women, the laser hair reduction treatment has become popular for their hair removal. Conventional hair removal techniques result in frustration, discomfort, and particularly hair regrowth. After a week, the conventional hair removal techniques must be repeated in order to maintain the consistency of results.

Many people have questions regarding the procedure before getting it done, and they are also interested in learning more about laser hair reduction.In the blog post below, you can find all the information you need to know about laser hair reduction in one place with the help of our comprehensive collection of frequently asked questions regarding the procedure.

Are the laser hair reduction results permanent?

Your thick hair will become thin during the laser hair reduction procedure. For instance, if you have 100 hairs in a certain area, 70 to 80 of those hairs will fall out, i.e., their quantity will decrease, and you will have patchy growth. When there are hormonal abnormalities, new growth can come from your inactive follicles in particular hormonally sensitive places like the chin.

What kind of outcomes could I expect from a laser hair reduction procedure?

Even after the first laser hair removal session, there is a visible improvement. The amount of hair, the density of the hair, and the thickness of the hair all gradually decrease. Moreover, rashes, ingrown hairs, and stubble are all less noticeable.

How long does a session of laser hair reduction take?

The size of the treatment area, the amount of hair present, the machine's speed, and the patient's pain tolerance all affect how long a laser hair reduction session takes. For instance, treating the upper lips takes approximately 1-2 minutes, treating the underarms takes 6–10 minutes, and treating the entire leg takes 30 minutes.

Does laser hair reduction hurt?

The laser hair removal technology of today is created with your comfort in mind. The majority of patients say the procedure is relatively painless; however, your personal pain threshold may vary. If you're really sensitive, we can make you more comfortable before treatment by using a topical anaesthetic.

What areas can the laser hair reduction procedure treat?

The good news is that practically all body parts can be safely treated with a laser hair reduction procedure.

The laser hair treatment targets your hair follicles without harming nearby tissue, even if you have sensitive skin. In the below areas, we can assist you in saying goodbye to hair:

  • Upper lip
  • Face
  • Chest
  • Armpits
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Bikini area

Both men and women can spend less time shaving off unwanted hair by opting for laser hair reduction treatment.

How many treatments will I need, and for how long?

Which one you want to get treated, how much hair you have, and other pertinent aspects like the colour contrast between your skin and hair all play a role in the answer to this issue. It is impossible to laser-remove all hair at once since hair develops in cycles. To completely remove all of the hair from the desired area and give you the smooth skin you've been searching for, we normally advise a few initial treatments.

The length of time required for each treatment depends on the size of the area being treated. Treatment time for a tiny area, like your upper lip, can only be a few minutes. It can take up to half an hour to treat larger areas like your back or legs.

Where can I learn more about laser hair reduction?

Speak with Dr. Megha Modi, one of the best dermatologistsin Ghaziabad, to learn more about the advantages of laser hair reduction. She offers the most cutting-edge dermatological and aesthetic therapies, and she takes the time to address any worries you might have.

Make an appointment online or call Twachaa - The Skin & Laser Clinic—if you're prepared to say goodbye to unsightly body and facial hair.


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