Treatment Options For Warts Provided By Dermatologists And Skin Doctor In Indirapuram

Warts are the single reason most people are dissatisfied with their appearance which is why Dermatologists And Skin Doctor In Indirapuram have launched services for their treatment. Although this asymptomatic extension of the skin as per definition doesn’t really have many implications other than a rare risk of perpetration as they are caused by the human papilloma virus, but the unsightly appearance makes it very difficult for people to cope up in real life as it hinders with their flawless appearance and causes many self-esteem issues. If the warts brush away by clothes or friction, they can be very painful too. And Indirapuramhas become a hub of warts due to the environment here which makes it favorable for warts to grow. But warts do need to be treated hence you need to consult a dermatologist or skin specialist at the earliest to treat this condition and improve your appearance.

Treatment options for warts provided by Dermatologists And Skin Doctor InIndirapuram

Warts should be removed if they cause pain, have tendency to spread to other parts of your body and create problems with your beauty.

Warts should be treated in such a way that no scar tissue is left behind, otherwise it becomes very painful and unsightly. Recurrence may be there in some cases.

Here are the treatment options for curing warts:

  • Medicinal therapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Surgical alternative like electrosurgery and curettage.
  • Lasers
  • Chemical peeling procedures

Make sure the likelihood for scar formation is minimum while going for treatment. Chemical peeling treatments cryotherapy and lasers are least likely to leave behind scars.

This treatment is painful. So you should be able to tolerate pain, otherwise use medicines like cantharidin, retinoids, imiquimod, etc.

Always consult a well-qualified and skilled doctor and get your proper medical history taken before treatment as some medical conditions may be aggravated by this procedure if precautions are not taken. If your warts keep reappearing a more stronger and stringent treatment modality is required.

The extent of the lesion determines the treatment you should go for. In case of larger amount of warts, a gentler treatment option is preferred.

Age is an important factor for selecting treatment. You don't want to have any complications by aggressive procedures.

Moreover, see if the treatment option suits your schedule as you need to pay multiple visits for monitoring and follow up.

So far, cryotherapy has generated the best results. It involves freezing the wart to extremely low temperatures using liquid nitrogen and then letting the wart dry off and detach itself. It is noninvasive and convenient with a lesser recurrence rate. Chemical peeling with salicylic acid and glycolic acid is also a good and time saving option, it is gentler as well.

Just make sure that whatever treatment option you choose, suits well for the condition of warts and they never return to haunt you again. Also, your previous health record and credentials of the dermatologist are crucial.


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